Auditions !

Auditions will be held from Friday 22nd September – Sunday 24th September.

Dance callbacks will be held on Sunday 24th September between 3pm & 5pm. Role callbacks may occur on Sunday evening. You will be advised at or after your audition if you will be required to attend a dance or role callback.
Not all roles will require a dance or role callback and not being called back is not an indication of the outcome of your audition. 


A Director’s note about female roles & casting:
The most frequent concern is that there aren’t worthwhile roles for female actors in SPAMALOT. This is not quite true as apart from The Lady Of The Lake there is the addition of her Lake Girls (4-6 roles) and the five chorus/ensemble numbers that could involve additional female cast members. There is also the possibility for an expanding use of female cast members that the creative team are willing to consider for this production. These may include the following roles which might also be played by females (as females or as females playing males):
– The Historian
– Dennis Galahad’s Mother
– The French Taunters
– Sir Bedevere
– The Monks
– Sir Robin’s Minstrels
– The Nights of NI (played by female cast on Broadway)
– Sir Bors
– Tim The Enchanter

Rehearsals will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday nights along with Sunday afternoons. Availability to attend all rehearsals is essential.

Production Team

Director: Andrew Seeary
Musical Director: Wade Carman
Choral Direction: Gareth Grainger & Vicki Rowe
Choreographer: Sian Daykin
Assistant to the Director: Amy Snowden

Bump In, Tech’s and Dress Rehearsals:

Monday 9th April – Saturday 14th April

Show Dates:

– Saturday 14th April 2PM & 8PM
– Sunday 15th 2PM
– Tuesday 17th – Friday 20th 8PM
– Saturday 21st 2PM & 8PM
– Sunday 22nd 2PM.

Bump Out:

Sunday 22nd April.

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