Step 1 – Audition Information

• Arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your audition time to register, be photographed and prepare with the script you have selected for audition.
• Wear comfortable clothing and shoes that you are able to move in.
• Be prepared to have fun and try something new.
• Please see the audition as a performance so – act it, sing it, fisch slap it
• We may film auditions for the purpose of recalling specifics of auditions while casting. When the casting process is completed all video footage will be destroyed. (You will need to give consent to be filmed when registering for your audition.)
Not wishing to be film will not preclude you from an audition.
• Auditions are generally 5 – 15 minutes. You will be asked to sing either 1 or 2 songs as outlined in the Singing section. You will be asked to read a pre-prepared script extract a piece of script from the show.
• You may be asked to do a ‘cold read’ of one of the other excerpts
• CAN I AUDITION FOR MORE THAN ONE ROLE? Absolutely! But please be aware that due to time constraints – we may need to cut short a song or reading. Please list all roles you wish to audition for in the roles section of your booking.
• Role callbacks will be held Sunday evening. You will be advised at or after your audition if you will be required to attend a callback.

• Shows are complex and many require actors to portray multiple characters.(see character list)

• Prepare 2 contrasting songs with one in the style of the show (but not from the Show).
• It is unlikely you will sing the whole song, so if you are stopped before you are finished your song it is no indication of the success of your audition.
• A piano accompanist is available for certain audition times only – so please check this carefully when booking your time.
• CD or auxiliary port (iPod, iPhone) backing tracks are welcome. Backing tracks only. You cannot sing along with the actual track.

• Dance call backs will be held on Sunday 24th September between 3pm – 5pm. You will be advised at or after your audition if you will be required to attend a dance call back.
• While we ask about any professional dance lessons / experience, it is in no way a prerequisite.
• Please be prepared to “bust a move” (or two) during your audition and at the dance call backs.

Auditions are never as scary as you think they are going to be! But you can do some things to make them a little easier.
• Choose songs that you really enjoy and know well.
• Rehearse the songs with an accompanist or backing track. (There will be an accompanist at some auditions but you can use a backing track if you prefer)
• Sing it in several different places before the audition day.
• Sing it to some other people before the day.
• Wear comfortable clothes that you think you look good in.
• Come into the audition with high energy ready to try anything new. (You may be asked to try something you think is silly, how you react to requests tells the panel about you as a potential cast member )
• Show the Panel your strengths and enjoy showing them.
• We want you to be good. it’s not a competition.
• We’re not judging you! It is not “X factor” or “Australia’s Got Talent”!!!
• We are looking for members of a team who want to put on a show!
• We are trying to see your strengths and so what we ask you to do will help.
• Enjoy! Enjoy!! ENJOY!!!

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