Bugsy Malone Auditions

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Audition Details

Auditions have now opened for our 2017 junior production.

For a show synopsis, a list of roles and some audition tips and tricks click here

Audition Dates:

Saturday June 24th & Sunday June 25th
Callback Auditions (if required):Wednesday June 28th

Show Dates:

Friday October 27 (night show), Saturday October 28th (2 shows) and October 29th (matinee)

Age Rules:

On opening night, all cast members must be at least 10 years of age, and not older than 16 years of age.


Rehearsals will commence on Sunday July 16th. Parents will be requested to attend the first part of rehearsal for an info session.

Rehearsal days:
Sundays 1pm-5pm
Tuesdays 7pm-9pm
Wednesdays 7pm-9pm
Thursdays 7pm-9pm

Not all cast will be required at every rehearsal in the beginning stages of rehearsals. Once we begin running the show, all cast members will be required at every rehearsal.


If you are auditioning for any of the following roles, you will need to book a “Role Audition” (an individual 10 minute audition slot)
The roles include:
Bugsy Malone
Blousey Brown
Fat Sam
Dandy Dan
Cagey Joe
Lena Marrelli

For these role auditions, please prepare 1 song which shows your vocal abilities in the best light. If possible, choose a song in the style of the show. We are more than happy to hear songs from music theatre, jazz, pop, etc – it just need to showcase your voice.
N.B. no songs from Bugsy Malone, please.

Auditionees for the roles below may be required to sing a section of one of their character’s songs in the initial audition. Please familiarise yourself with it, but do not worry if you’re not asked to sing it.
This is not an indication of the outcome of the audition.
Bugsy Malone – So You Wanna Be A Boxer
Blousey Brown – Ordinary Fool
Fizzy – Tomorrow
Tallulah – My Name Is Tallulah
Cagey Joe – So You Wanna Be A Boxer
Lena Marelli – Show Business

The sheet music and a piano melody line for these songs can be found here


You will need to select if you want to audition with a backing track or with our amazingly talented Pianist. If you are using our pianist, please contact her at lifeofmusic68@gmail.com to discuss your sheet music and song selection. This will enable her to prepare for your audition to ensure it is as successful as it can be. Backing tracks can be CD/ mp3 Player/ Phone/ iPod format. We cannot accept tracks on USB stick, or Bluetooth streaming. Please take all phones out of their cases and place in flight mode before your audition.


Children wishing to be considered for the ensemble will be asked book in for a group audition session. During that session, the panel will teach you the song “Fat Sam’s Grand Slam”

We encourage you to have a look at the song ahead of time. Click to access the sheet music and piano melody line for the song.

Our choreographer will teach you a simple dance routine to learn and perform. You may also be asked to read a small section of dialogue from the Bugsy Malone script.

These group auditions will be a whole lot of fun, so please come full of energy and ready to try anything!

Production Team

DIRECTOR: Maxine Montgomery
STAGE MANAGER: Samantha Stewart

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