62nd Annual AGM

Notice is hereby given that the 62nd Annual General meeting of BLOC Music Theatre Inc. will be held via video conference (zoom) on
Monday 28th February at 7.30pm.

Business Includes

1. To confirm the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting

2. To receive, from the Committee, reports upon the transactions of BLOC Music

Theatre during the last preceding financial year

3. To elect members of the committee. Jim Muller, Carly Macdonald & Gareth Grainger will retire at this meeting, due to the expiry of their terms and may offer themselves for re-election

4. To receive and consider the financial statement submitted by BLOC Music Theatre Inc. to members in accordance with section 100(1) of the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 (Vic)

5. To receive and consider the Auditor’s Report and Audited Accounts on the financial affairs of BLOC Music Theatre Inc for the last financial year.

6. Appointment of an Auditor

7. To change the Constitution by the addition of clause 12.7 and other changes**

8. Company Award

9. To consider any other business

Nominations for Committee written or email close at 5pm Monday 21st February 2022 with the Company Administrator administrator@blocmt.org

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