Set and Prop Hire


BLOC Set and Prop Hire operates in our purpose built facility by appointment only.


Flats: Various sizes to 6 meters long, canvas on wood, canvas on steel & ply on wood.

Rostra: Wood framed & Steel framed 2.4 x 1.2 meters. 2.4 meter steel framed half circle

Various sets of steps and stairs. Various columns to 5.5 meters high. Doors, Windows.

Twin Revolving Stage (manual) Inner circle 3.4 meters diameter, Outer circle 6.7 meters diameter with an apron giving an outside size of 7.0 meters square.

Folding staging 1800 x 900 x 600mm.

Various box type staging with steps to match

Flys: Trees - 3 types, 5 meters high, “High School Musical” illuminated sign, signs from “Grease”, decorative arch.

Fly rigging: Cabling, Batten Straps, “D’s” and hanging irons.

Stage Dressing These include, but are not limited to: Balustrade, crates, boxes, Lamp Posts, Barrels, Book Cases, “Rocks” Stumps, Garden Benches, Chaise lounges, Tables, Benches, Coffins, “Spooky” trees, Hand Cart, Chariot, Stools, Thrones & Screens.

Stage Props An extensive stock of stage Properties is available to choose from, including a full set of “Beauty and the Beast” props and the “Magical Props” from Mary Poppins.

Contact Us

or call our sets hire manger Jim on 📱0437 562 262

Costume Hire

We also do costume hire. Click through to see some photos. We also have complete "show lots" available.