Production Team

Director: Sarah Kernighan

Choreographer: Carly MacDonald & Deb Robertson

Music: Lionel Driftwood and the Piledrivers

Audition Dates & Location

Solo Auditions:

Saturday 12th August from 9am-8pm

    Location: BLOC Music Theatre Hall – 608 Peel Street North, Black Hill

    Key Audition Information

    You can book your audition at the bottom of this page or CLICK HERE



    MORRIS MCADAM (MORRIE), the bridegroom

    MAUREEN MCADAM (REEN), the bride

    DARCY DELANEY (DARKIE), father of the bride

    APRIL DELANEY (JUNE), mother of the bride

    ANGUS MCADAM (KNOCKA), father of the groom

    FLORENCE MCADAM (FLORRIE), mother of the groom

    FATHER PATRICK O’SHEA, parish priest - Note: has an Irish accent.

    DARREN DUNN (DANGLES), best man

    KEVIN DELANEY, groomsman

    SHIRL, bridesmaid and Maureen’s best friend

    DAPHNE, bridesmaid and Maureen’s sister

    ASTRID MCADAM, flower girl


    HORACE MCADAM (HORRIE), uncle of the groom and father of Astrid

    MAVIS MCADAM, aunt of the groom and wife to Horace

    AGGIE MCADAM, spinster cousin to the McAdams

    DONNA DRIFTWOOD, daughter of Lionel Driftwood


    BAYONET, a local wit and drunk

    MUTTON, a local drunk and wit

    Age for Auditionees: You must be 18 or over to audition due to the adult themes of the show.

    Solo Auditions:

      • Please arrive 10 minutes before your audition time
      • No duo/group auditions

    What to prepare for your audition:

    All auditions will need to read a piece of script for the character you are auditioning for

    Access scripts here 

    The only characters that will need to prepare for a song are:

    • April, Florence, Shirl and Daphne - You don’t own me
    • Astrid – Dancing Queen
    • Aggie and  Father  O’Shea  
    • Horrie – That’s Amore

    Vocal Scores Available here

    Backing Tracks Available here

      • Come to your audition wearing comfortable clothing as you may be required to do some movement.
      • Please ensure that ALL known commitments which may conflict with scheduled rehearsals should be noted on your audition form.
      • No family, friends etc. will be permitted in the audition room.
      • Most importantly, relax and ENJOY! Remember we are on your side and want you to do well.

      Important Dates

      • Auditions:Saturday 12th August
      • First Rehearsal/Meet and Greet: 17th August
      • Rehearsals: Thursdays and Sundays 7:30-9:30pm
      • Costume Call: TBA
      • Shows: November 10, 11, 17 & 18
      • Draft rehearsal schedule available here
      • Rehearsal Location: Ballarat Sth Senior Citizens Club
        600 Latrobe Street Ballarat


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