July 4 – 14  2024 @ Ballarat Civic Hall

Production Team

Director: Brad Macdonald
Musical Director: Geoff Martin
Choral Director: Gareth Grainger
Choreographer: Cooper Guinea
Assistant to the Director: Sallyanne Mitchell
Costume Designer: Lee Appleby

Audition Dates & Location

General (Vocal & Acting): Friday 16th , Saturday 17th, Sunday 18th February

Dance /Movement: Sunday 18th February (1pm-2pm or2pm-3pm)

Call backs: Wednesday 21st February (evening)

Location: BLOC Music Theatre - 608 Peel Street North, Black Hill


A detailed character breakdown including look, vocals, vocal range and songs can be found here.

Violet Newstead
Judy Bernly
Doralee Rhodes
Franklin Hart
Roz Keith
Joe/ Male Ensemble
Tinsworthy / Male Ensemble
Dwayne Rhodes / Male Ensemble
Dick Bernly / Male Ensemble
Josh / Male Ensemble
Margaret / Female Ensemble
Ensemble - Multiple cameo roles will also be cast from the ensemble

Key Audition Information

You can book your audition at the bottom of this page or CLICK HERE

Age for Auditionees: You must be 16 or over by opening night (July 4th 2024).

Prepare two contrasting songs in the style of the show, but not from the show. Time may be limited, so select an appropriate starting point. You may not be required to perform both pieces.

All auditionees will be required to read from the script for the character you are auditioning for. Relevant sections of the script will be available at the audition venue.

Arrive at least 10 minutes early to prepare, read through the script sections (if required) and for administration purposes.

All auditionees will be required to sing to backing tracks – no ‘a Capella’ or unaccompanied singing. Backing tracks should be sourced by the auditionee, be in a suitable key and be available on a device such as iPhone, tablet, or laptop computer, preferably with Bluetooth capabilities and placed in ‘Flight mode’. Backing tracks are readily available through common websites like etc. They should be cued to the start of the song or appropriate section.

Dance/Movement: Please ensure that you are available for the Dance/Movement Audition on the afternoon of Sunday 18th. You will be advised of your requirements for the Dance/Movement audition during your general audition (attendance/time). When attending the Dance/Movement audition please wear dance clothes, bring suitable shoes eg: Oxford shoe/jazz shoes/character shoes (with a heel) and be warmed up ready to go.

Callbacks: You will need to be available for Call Backs on Wednesday 21st February (evening). You will be advised either late Sunday (18th) or early Monday (19th) if you are required for a call backs and at what time. You will be emailed with information around accessing relevant call back material.

Notifications: All auditionees will be contacted with results of their audition by the time of final casting, usually by the end of the call back week (eg: Friday 23rd February).

Please ensure that ALL known commitments which may conflict with scheduled rehearsals should be noted on your audition form.

Important Dates

Rehearsals will be conducted on:

  • Sunday afternoons (1pm-5pm)
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings (7pm-9:30pm)
  • Not every person will be required for all calls. A full rehearsal schedule will be made available at the first rehearsal on Wednesday March 6th.


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