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Production Team

Director: Matthew Henderson
Musical Director: Sarah Barlow
Choreographer: Natalya Munro
Choral Director: Stewart Greedy

Audition Dates & Location

Sunday 1 May -  Tuesday 3 May - at BLOC Music Theatre Hall – 608 Peel Street North, Black Hill

Key Audition Information


A little bit about the show and a list of roles is AVAILABLE HERE 

Minimum age for Auditionees: You must have turned 16 on or before Opening Night (11 August 2022)

Fill in the Online Booking Form below

Each auditionee will have a 10 minute time slot

Solo auditions only

Prepare a song of your choosing in the same style of the show, pick the best 16-35 bars of the song that will showcase your voice and range.

All auditionees are to provide their own backing tracks on a smart device (iPhone, iPad, Android etc.) Your device will be plugged into our sound system using a standard headphone plug (3.5mm stereo).You MUST bring any adaptors needed to plug your device in. Internet access at BLOC is poor and may not be available in the audition room, do not rely upon accessing playback from the internet

Your time in the room is limited so make sure you are showcasing the best part of the song which showcases your vocal ability

Come to your audition wearing comfortable clothes as you may be required to do some movement

ALL known commitments which may conflict with scheduled rehearsals should be noted on your audition form

No family, friends etc will be permitted in the audition room

Relax and enjoy the process

Important Dates

  • Auditions: Sunday 1 May & Tuesday 3 May
  • First Rehearsal/Meet and Greet: TBA
  • Costume Parade: TBA
  • Sitz Probe: TBA
  • Bump In: Sunday 7 August 2022
  • Tech & Dress Rehearsals : Sunday 7 August 2022 - Wednesday 10 August 2022 
  • Shows: Thursday 11 August, Friday 12 August, Saturday 13 August (x2 shows), Sunday 14 August, Wednesday 17 August, Thursday 18 August, Friday 19 August, Saturday 20 August (x2 shows), Sunday 21 August (TBC). 

Casting Panel

The audition panel will consist of the Director, Musical Director, Choreographer and Choral Director and other production team members as deemed necessary to this process.
The Production team reserves the right to offer early or late auditions and to fill any un-cast roles, or re-cast roles, as necessary, at a later time.


You are required to attend all rehearsals for which you are called, especially tech rehearsals and ALL performances. Absences must be cleared by the Production Manager in advance.

Rehearsal Dates & Times

A draft rehearsal schedule will be available at auditions and commitment to rehearsals will be paramount to the success of the production.


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